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My Newest Experiment - The Kindle Book

A few months ago, my friend Drawk Kwast released his first ebook on the Kindle store.   And he's been having some great success (mostly because the book is awesome).  Shortly after, I got my first Kindle and was fascinated by all of the low-cost and interesting self-published books on there that I wouldn't have found physical access to in the average book store.  It piqued my interest around the Kindle as a publishing platform.

But it wasn't until I read this story on Slashdot that I really got fascinated.  From the story:

'These days the buying public looks at a $9.95 eBook and pauses. It's not an automatic sale,' says Locke. 'And the reason it's not is because the buyer knows when an eBook is priced ten times higher than it has to be. And so the buyer pauses. And it is in this pause—this golden, sweet-scented pause—that we independent authors gain the advantage, because we offer incredible value.'

It was fascinating to me that we could be seeing a sea change in the world of books.

While I've been a great consumer of books on the Kindle, I hadn't yet explored the seller's side of this new world.

So, I took the ebook I wrote a few years ago (called "Forget the Parachute, Let Me Fly the Plane") and re-formatted it for the Kindle.  In the process, I updated the content and added in some new material.

And it's selling in the Kindle store for $2.99.  As of this writing, it's in the Top 25 in the "Job Hunting" sales list.

My thought: would you trade a cup of coffee for some solid career advice?   I hope to find out.

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