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Influence and Failing Kindergarten

Had a great chat with my friend Drawk Kwast recently that he recorded for his list of users (which was an honor given the people he usually interviews). As expected, we rambled all over the map and talked about a million different topics around influence, living an adventurous and successful life, and always being willing to have fun and do the things that most people won't do.

The thought that stuck out to both of us during the chat was the idea that we'd fail kindergarten if we were subjected to another year - that the things that has made each of us successful to this point would have caused utter failure in the current school system. We both have a nearly chronic inability to follow the rules, stay in single-file lines, refrain from asking "why?" about a million times too often and ensure that we always make the sky blue when we color.

As Drawk said: "we'd in the corner eating the paste."

I realized later that I should have corrected him... so I will now... "we'd be in the corner figuring out how to take the paste, turn it in to some crazy 5-star dish involving liquid nitrogen and debating about how to market a nationwide line of "frozen paste" shops.".

It's a trait that a lot of my friends seem to share.

The MP3 is worth a listen - Drawk had some great stories on there and I talked about random stuff that some people might find interesting.

(Aside: if you haven't picked up Drawk's "Domination Basics" ebook, you need to - it's free and one of the better reads of the last year. The last person who I convinced to read it immediately sent me the message that "OMG! Drawk Kwast is the UberMan!!!!". All I can say is that you should read it yourself and find out what all the exclamation points are all about.)

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