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NLP for Social Engineers

Anybody in the industry who has talked to me about NLP has understood my utter frustration about the state of NLP learning and its application to social engineering. It got me riled up enough to do a post on NLP and science a few months ago.

And, for the past few months, I've been pondering the idea of doing a free education series for the industry on what NLP is and how to use it as a social engineer. But, as anybody who knows me knows, I've been a bit busy. Foreground is taking off, having made the INC 5000 due to the phenomenal amount of growth (and corresponding amount of work for each of us). And my own projects (Connected Career, Information Security Leaders, and the projects we do through Michael Murray and Associates) have added an even bigger load.

But I got really riled up when I read the NLP section of the new Social Engineering framework. Because, while true, it doesn't teach the reader anything useful about how to use NLP in SE. (That shouldn't be taken as a criticism - I believe strongly in the project and will be helping to edit and correct deficiencies and gaps over the coming months... the guys over there are doing the community a phenomenal service).

So, I sat down and started recording the material I had been putting together over the previous months. It's going to come out to about 10 hours of audio, video and a whole pile of exercises. I even did a video to explain what you're going to get.

Check out the video and sign up here.

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