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Hacker Halted Redux

I had a blast at Hacker Halted last week, and I did a talk that I was incredibly excited about. It was the first time I was going to talk about some of the new research I've done and, while I didn't plan to give out a huge number of details on the methods, I hoped that the talk was going to be well received.

Well, I'm sure that it would have been, had it actually finished. Because I didn't read the program nearly closely enough, and I prepared a normal 80 minute talk, only to realize that my speaking slot was 45 minutes.

So, I only got about 1/2 way through my slides, and much of the meat was lost. A couple of audience members talked to me afterwards and seemed a bit disappointed, so I promised I'd provide the talk another way.

I do like to keep promises. So I sat down at my computer this morning and recorded the slides and the audio. The entirety of the talk that the audience would have seen is below.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions and ask questions if you have them (since I didn't get to take audience questions at the conference, either).

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