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Coming Soon: Security People on Video

Because what we all need is to see more of that, right?

Seriously, though - I'm working with a cool new project and I wanted to share a bit of a preview. The site is called Demos on Demand for Security. It's sort of like a Revision3 for Security, and has brought aboard some pretty cool people as hosts. I'm not going to share all the names, but it should be obvious from the sample videos that Richard Steinnon is going to be one of the hosts. (If you're interested in being a host or a guest, feel free to email me

I'm also excited to announce that I'll be doing a regular (at least a couple times per month) show with my favorite person in the industry to debate with - the always fun and lively Michael Santarcangelo. Sort of a Hannity and Combs of security, so to speak. With hard-hitting (but entirely "fair and balanced") interviews of the people in the security industry.

The first episode of that show should be up in the next few weeks, so keep watching both here, and at the DoDS site for updates.

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