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ChicagoCon - Recession-proofing Your Career

So, as I mentioned in this post, I'll be doing a breakout session next weekend at ChicagoCon. The description on the conference website is:

"Information security is one of the most difficult industries to navigate a career in. The industry is new, and the skills are ever-changing. The nature of the industry is that the biggest threats are always in the newest technologies, which means that if you're not actively running, you're falling behind. Not to mention that there's no industry standard for certification, for knowledge, or even for what "security" actually is. It's confusing at the best of times.

And this isn't the best of times.

As the industry gets more complex and the economy tightens, a solid career plan and the skills to pull off that plan are going to become ever more important. Industry veteran and respected career speaker and coach Mike Murray will work with the attendees of ChicagoCon to discuss the fundamental skills needed, and put the audience of this breakout session through exercises that will help clarify that plan, and move forward toward their ultimate career goals."

But I wanted to provide some deeper information for those who might be interested or want to know more.

We're going to talk about:

  • Uncovering Opportunities - Finding a job in troubled times
  • Life Jackets - Keeping your head above water until you've found that job
  • The Art of Indispensibility - Making it harder for your company to let go of you
  • Preparing for the Worst - Ensuring that you're ready to go even before you get laid off

We'll also talk about real situations that members of the the audience are having, and I'll be working with people in the class one-on-one to help them prepare themselves for whatever is going to happen next in their careers.

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