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The best con you don't know about...

So, next week will see my second time as an attendee and speaker at ChicagoCon. This one is undoubtedly the best little conference that you don't know about.

The thing that I loved about ChicagoCon last time was the access that the attendees had to the speakers - there were about 100 total attendees, and the speakers were just milling around in the audience. I got to spend some time with Chris and Luke from the Tiger Team, Jack Koziol from Infosec Institute, and Matt from InGuardians. Not to mention that there was a real opportunity to get feedback from the audience and the people at the conference.

It made the conference feel more like hanging out with a bunch of friends than the typical experience of a Blackhat or RSA where the speakers are always so crowded and far away.

This time, I'm really looking forward to meeting some people in person - some of the speakers include Ed Skoudis (who I've always heard great things about but never met face-to-face), the pen-testing guys from Microsoft and my old friend Jay Graver from nCircle.

Beyond that, I'm doing something I've never done before - I'm doing a 2.5-3 hour breakout session on careers. The economy sucks right now, and people are scared. Rumors of layoffs abound, and I worked with Don to figure out how to offer the ChicagoCon attendees some value if they're in that freaked-out place.

Can you tell that I'm excited? If you're within driving distance of Chicago, this one's not to be missed. Come find me and let's grab a beer.

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