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National Honesty Day

My VA from Get Friday, Sona, said something to me that I thought was weird until I looked it up:

"Happy Honesty Day!"

My first thought was that it was some strange Indian euphemism. And then I looked it up - turns out that there actually is an Honesty Day. From this press releasepress release:

"M. Hirsh Goldberg, former press secretary to a governor of Maryland and author of five books, established National Honesty Day in the early 1990s after spending four years researching and writing The Book of Lies (Morrow), which has been translated into Japanese, Korean and Chinese. National Honesty Day is now listed in Chase's Calendar of Events, a repository of special occasions found in most public libraries. April 30 was selected, said Goldberg, because April begins with a day dedicated to lying and should end on a higher moral note."

When I ponder social engineering, I realize that the most important skill of a social engineer is a balance between lying and honesty. Kenton Knepper talks about this in Wonder Words - that the ability to maintain congruity when performing requires a level of unconscious commitment and belief in your own honesty that is hard to maintain if you're not actually being honest.

Something to think about on National Honesty Day...

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