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Hypnoticon - Day 1 (PM)

Finally posting this late on Day 2 while watching a great talk on "Instant Inducations" (more on that one later).

Well, we went through the rest of the day yesterday learning and spending most of the day in and out of trance. Boy, was I fractionated. A wonderful day, all around.

We missed out on walkabout hypnosis - unfortunately, it turned out that their view of walkabout hypnosis and mine wasn't exactly the same. I keep forgetting about the two major frames for the formal use of hypnosis: therapy and entertainment. The walkabout exercise was far more about entertainment than I had thought coming in. We were doing "table approaches" - think of a magician walking up to you in a mall to show you a card trick.

So, Melina and I went off to grab some lunch and plot our next moves with our video camera. We came up with a wonderful list - I'm sure that it'll start being on YouTube sometime soon.

The afternoon was more of the same as the morning - not nearly as advanced as I had hoped it would be, but some wonderful trances and some good practice. The highlight of the afternoon was having Brian David Phillips drop me in to the Esdaile state. Always a wonderful feeling.

The evening was fantastic - as with any good conference, the networking is ALWAYS better than the conference itself.

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