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Social Media and Security Marketing..

So, this conversation has come up over and over again in the last few days - I keep ending up in detailed conversations with security marketing people about how to create a presence using social media.

It's amazing to me that information security people are always on the cutting edge of technology (kept there by, in my opinion, the fact that the most vulnerable technology is always the newest). But we're terribly bad (as an industry) at keeping up with the cutting edge in marketing. I look at someone like Jason Alba, who is a brilliant marketer with his blog, LinkedIn (and wrote the book on it), Facebook (he wrote the book on that one too), and Twitter.

And then I look at the companies in our industry. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

At least not that I've seen. So, I'm putting this one out there: who has good examples of security companies using any of the tools above? How about it? Anything? Bueller?

I've got a million ideas about how this could be done, but I'm not seeing it out there in the world. And it makes me sad.

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