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The Company Will Take Care Of Me...

Over at her fantastic new blog, Melina Murray (full-disclosure: she's my wife and one of my favorite writers) has a great post about the company's responsibility toward employees. From the post:

"[The] answer I get is something like this, “Well, I know that if I put in hard work, work overtime with no pay and don’t complain, I will benefit when the company is successful.”"

This is such a common way of thinking - I see it all the time in the information security industry, especially. We saw our parents grow up with a company that would take responsibility for their growth and well-being (health care, pension, etc.). And we grew to believe that a company would show us loyalty.

Well, guess what? It ain't that way any more. This is 2008, and, at the risk of sounding heartless or cold, we have to fend for ourselves. I said it over and over in the Parachute book - your career is your responsibility.

It's just nice to hear it from someone who thinks from the perspective of HR.

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