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Getting Socially pwned

So, about a month ago, I did a post on Hoff owning Mogull's house.

I figured I'd relay the conversation that I had with Rich about a week later:

Me: So, that whole "Hoff owning your house" thing must have sucked, huh?

Mogull: What?

Me: Hoff. Your house.

Mogull: Ohh... yeah. You didn't see the post?

Me: Uhh... no. Haven't been reading. What post?

Mogull: The post where I admitted it was all a hoax. Yeah, we thought it was pretty funny that you believed it.

So, in reality, it wasn't Mogull that got pwned. It was me.

Funny that the guy who spends so much time talking and writing about social engineering got social engineered by those two pranksters.

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