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A Cool New Conference

So, I spent the weekend in Boston helping to organize Source Boston, a new security conference that is taking place in March.

And, while I'm a bit biased because I'm helping organize, I have no doubt that this one's going to be amazing. We've got an amazing group of advisors - I spent the weekend hanging around with Raffy, Adam, Oliver, the 3 Chris's from Veracode, and our fearless and effervescent leader Stacy (who really, really needs to get a blog I can link to). It's always fun to be the dumbest person in the room by a pretty wide margin.

But here's what's cool about the conference - our goal is to put on the kind of speaker list that you'd only get at Blackhat or RSA, but do it in a really intimate venue. We agreed that the conference should have the same sort of vibe as you get when a huge rock-band (that usually sells out an arena) comes and plays a small local club.

There's a disadvantage to having such an intimate setting, though - you have to get your tickets soon - we're capping attendance at 450, and they're going to move quickly.

To me, it's all about access to the speakers - you can really get the chance to ask questions, meet people, and be part of the discussion. Which is rare with the speakers we have (more announcements on the speaker list in the coming days - it's amazing, and I can't wait to be able to talk about it more).

Oh, and I'm pretty excited about an activity on the final day of the conference - we're going to have a reunion of the L0pht - having a large number of the members in one place to talk about their experiences and their thoughts on the industry that, in many minds, they were a large part of starting.

Aside: we're doing some super-secret registration mojo that I think is pretty cool. Email me and I'll tell you about it.

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