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Live from Blackhat

It's Wednesday morning and I woke up in Vegas with a bit of a headache - something tells me that's going to be a common occurrence this week. Yes, it's Blackhat time again. There's almost 4000 in town for Blackhat, and probably even more for Defcon later this week. I'll be blogging as much of the conference as I can.

The partying got started early this year - last night was both an absolutely fantastic party hosted by Qualys - it was held in the Absolut suite at Caesar's, and was a total blast. It's the first time (that I'm aware of) that Qualys has done an event here, and they did a great job.

Half way through the party, I ran into trouble, however. The trouble came in the form of Hoff, Amrit and Rothman all being in one place. It was around then that the drinking kicked into high-gear - trying to keep up with Amrit and Hoff is usually a recipe for disaster, and last night was no exception. Hence this morning's headache.

More soon...

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