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Second Order Networking

Jason had a great post today about what I would call "second order networking" - the concept of using someone you are networked to to network to someone that they don't know. This is the equivalent of making a "3rd" connection on LinkedIn, because the request goes from you to someone you know, ultimately to a person that they don't know (through another contact).

From Jason's post:

"In each case I was asking for my network contacts to hook me up. Here’s the interesting thing: in every case they did not know the person that I needed to talk to.

This presents an interesting decision....

But here is what I would do. I would take the opportunity to grow my own network and try and make the connection. Why? It’s easier to go to someone that you don’t know with a purpose...

It's a great point - not only does this type of networking allow you to expand your own network, but helps your network expand theirs.

I loved the concept so much that I think I'm going to send a few emails... I could use an introduction or two.

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