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Jason on Security

In this case, the Jason I'm talking about is Jason Alba of JibberJobber, and the security he's talking about isn't information security, but Job Security. From the post:

" Look folks, here’s the deal. There is no job security! YOU need to take care of your career, not just your job! Do you find yourself doing any career stuff, outside of your job? Don’t have time? Fine - you’ll have plenty of time since a job search can take so long. Trust me, start doing a little every day, and it will add up. Do not wait until you are terminated to get moving. A little big-picture career stuff every day will go a long way."

Usually, I'd comment here. But there's nothing else to say.

(Except perhaps that, if you're going to Defcon, you should come see my talk with the brilliant and funny Lee Kushner about how to create the real type of job security that Jason talks about in his post... we're speaking on Saturday afternoon.

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