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Deal of the Century

I know that I've been quiet of late - Graver theorizes that I have something big going on, and I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor (though I will at some point soon).

More importantly, a friend of mine has something big going on that I wanted to mention. Jason has the deal of the century on JibberJobber memberships. From the blog:

"JibberJobber is offering a one-week special! From April 2-9, you can upgrade to JibberJobber Premium for life for only $99! This offer is 80% off the standard lifetime premium membership of $495."

Now, if you haven't used it, you should. JJ is one of the coolest products I have used in a long, long time, and the premium features are well worth it, especially at 80% off. Seriously - go check it out.

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