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If you're going to have a resume...

So, I recently went off about how your resume is junk mail. But I understand that many people still believe in job hunting the "old-fashioned way" (i.e. by sending their resume to every job posting on Craigslist). And it makes some sense.

But, if you're going to send out your resume, there are a few things you probably shouldn't do. And, while I was going to write up a full post on this one myself, this amazing rant from Best-Of Craigslist said nearly everything that I could have. And far, far snarkier. From the post:


Stop throwing in complete bullshit just to make it sound fancy.
The following is a list of why you should never throw words together if you don't know
what they mean (the long-winded objective from above could also be put in this category).

"My ability to learn quickly is a key essential." "My numerous areas of expertise and professional work related skills are highly superior in many office related skills."
"Being so detailed and goal oriented provides me with the ability to have outstanding organizational skills which enthusiastically allows me to succeed well within all goals
"My background and my education are the met qualifications in this job description."

The rest of the rant is equally scathing. And equally true. Worth a perusal, and worth going through your own resume one more time to make sure you haven't made any of those mistakes.

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