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So, last week, I had the chance to drop in on Mitchell over at StillSecure and check out their soon to be released product (the one that Martin is evangelizing.

And I was really impressed.

Though I haven't talked about it, I'm not a fan of many of the convergence trends in security - as I walked around RSA this year, I was really quite annoyed by everyone claiming that their "Unified" appliance had everything under the sun in it. "Our appliance not only does anti-virus, IDS, vulnerability scanning, and product QA, but it also cooks dinner, finds your lost socks, and lets you in on the Caramilk secret".

I think that my annoyance comes down to one obvious point: different functions need to live in different places in the network. This should be obvious to most system administrators - but it doesn't seem obvious to most of the UTM vendors.

One of the coolest things about the new product is that they really get that factor - even though it's unifying and convergence-based, it really does focus on the idea that all functionality shouldn't live in a single place (even though it's nice to manage it from a single place).

I can't wait until it comes out. Until then, I'll be downloading the alpha version. If you want to, you should drop Mitchell an email. It's definitely worth checking out...

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