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Reflection before Changes

Over at his blog, Alan has some great thoughts on reflection. From the post:

"But there comes moments in all of our lives where we stop and want to bookmark where we are and reflect on who, what and why we do what we do. I am having a weekend like that this weekend."

I, too, have been reflecting a lot lately. For me, it happens most often when I sense impending changes in my life. With the new book project and a few other things percolating (but not yet finished), I have found myself reflecting a lot lately on my life and where I'm going.

I can relate to much of what Alan said - I am lucky to have a wife (of almost a year) and great friends and supporters around me. (Some of whom I email far too infrequently... you know who you are, and I promise to write soon).

What I find most interesting is that I'm "eating my own dog food", so to speak - many of my reflections have come by working through the games in my own book. And they have been incredibly helpful in answering the question: "where do I want to go in my life? Who do I want to be? And who do I want to be surrounded by?"

Those answers have been somewhat interesting, and some of them haven't been what I expected.

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