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The time for firing vendors is here....

Not sure whether it's the ever changing weather, the change in Daylight Saving Time in the US, or the fact that spring is now just around the corner, but it seems that this is the season for firing vendors. Michael over at MCWResearch is going through a divorce with a vendor. He lays out a whole pile of issues and things that vendors should never do.

And, while I agree with most of his points, he really is sounding like a jilted lover laying out all of the faults of his soon-to-be ex. It makes an interesting read from the "People magazine" type perspective.

Just as intersting is the saga of Jim and the Sony Vaio laptop that he had some trouble with. He has certainly had his share of mishaps with this one, and I can't imagine a company handling a customer service situation much worse than they handled his.

Maybe it's not the weather - maybe customer service is much like security in its investment patterns: "just good enough" is really the key to success. And it sounds like Michael and Jim both ran into situations where vendors strayed too far afield of the "good enough" line.

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