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"Forget the Parachute" first book review...

I was pretty excited when I released my first big ebook project called Forget the Parachute, Let Me Fly the Plane. And I was even more excited when one of my favorite bloggers, Jason Alba was willing to read a pre-release copy.

When I asked him for his thoughts on the book, I never expected that he'd actually review the book on his blog. And I really never thought that Jason would like it as much as he did. From the post:

" I knew it was coming but didn't really know how involved it was going to be. I'm guessing he is the first IT security expert to write a book on career management, and I wasn't sure what he'd have to say. Anything new? How to get security geeks to network? Industry specific stuff? Nothing of the sort. This was literally a book that I had a hard time putting down - I'll tell you why."

Go check out the rest of Jason's review, and then go download the introduction of the book for free. The introduction is worth infinitely more than you'll pay for it.

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