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Blog Retraction: Counterpane Firesale

One of the interesting things about being a blogger is the absolute lack of accountability. Unlike being a journalist writing for an "official" news publication, there's nobody out there who can fire me if I write something that's untrue or slanted in a particular way. The only two methods of accountability are:

  1. The people who read the blog stop reading.
  2. Somebody calls bulls$@t on me directly.

The second of those things happened to me recently at the Security Bloggers Meetup at RSA. I was talking with Bruce Schneier at the party and he mentioned how wrong all of the bloggers were when they called the Counterpane sale a "fire sale".

Given that I was among the first to call it that, I pressed Bruce for more info.

His comment was: "BT doesn't make their acquisition numbers public. But I can tell you that everybody had it way wrong."

We talked a little more about it, including some speculation on who was the first to post the $40M figure. I happen to agree with Bruce's take on it, and I think it's clear that we in the blogosphere missed the boat on this one.

Since I was out there being loud about it being a firesale, I'm going to be the first to post an official retraction - we in the blogosphere blew that story.

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