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The Security Bloggers Meetup at RSA

So, I'm feeling like I'm the last one to blog about the meetup at RSA: Martin, Mike Rothman, Cutaway, Mike from Security Catalyst, Mike Farnum, Alan, Mitchell, my partner in crime Bill P, and others have all beat me to it.

It was amazing to be in the same room with all of those incredible security loud-mouths. The feeling of the room was almost exactly the same as it is to be blogging - all of these smart, opinionated people gathering together to swap stories and debate security topics.

Some moments that I won't soon forget:
    - one prominent blogger giving me a hard time about calling my website "Piss-on-me.ca". I hadn't heard that one before, and we got a good laugh out of it.     - Remeniscing (on my way out the door to the next party) with Robert Graham about Hiverworld and his debates with John Flowers.     - Seeing Raffy do his (uncannily good) Borat impression. (And getting video of it in case I ever need to blackmail him for any reason)     - learning about the traffic and reach of some of the popular security blogs out there, and realizing that this community actually does have a lot of readers (especially for a few of the better known names).     - meeting and sharing drinks with all of the people whose opinions I respect so much, including those above and some others who haven't blogged about the meetup yet.

The rest of RSA really paled in comparison to the blogger's meetup - that 3 hours (which spilled over to a couple of different bars later in the night) was worth the trip to California all by itself.

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