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The Blog Father (or: Blogging and Branding)

Being a blogger is somewhat second-nature to me. Ever since I was young, writing was something I did when frustrated, excited, annoyed, happy, sad or bored. I would write to think through problems or to figure out what my opinion was on a given topic, and I still do today. (Anyone who has worked with me has been on the recieving end of a late-night email missive or a set of power-point slides).

I didn't start this blog to create a brand as much to give myself a place to rant about the things that I need to write just to get them out of my head. But the more I ranted about certain things (like career skills), the more my thoughts here became the basis for a brand.

I was reminded of this when I read a blog post from a new blog titled: Transition from IT to Security Professional. From the post:

"In particular I was at a peer to peer session titled, "More than Just a Job: Building a rewarding and successful career in Security" this topic was led by Mike Murray. One of the things that were discussed is personal branding. The idea of setting yourself apart from others through the medium of blogging (among other things I suspect). But that got me thinking about my own situation."

I guess in some way, this makes me his blogfather. And I'm proud of any part I had in that transition, if it helps one more person build a brand around himself that makes it easier for him to create a career that makes him happy.

I was talking about this exact topic with Mogull about this topic at the Blogger's Meetup. As much as Rich is a well-known guy, I know that his blog made him a well-known name to hundreds or thousands of people who wouldn't have known him through other means. The same is true of many of the security bloggers - as smart as many of the people are, it would have been significantly harder for them to get their opinions out in the world 10 years ago.

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