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Blogosphere Evolution

In the midst of my quiet period of blogging, working on the new book (which you can now register to get a sneak peek at the first chapter of), I'm still noticing what's happening in the blogosphere.

There was a big change in the past few days over at the nCircle blog - they changed the focus from a blog mostly about vulnerability research to involve more of the company - TK, Tim Erlin and Andrew Storms (who is on the smartphone/wireless panel with me at RSA) all now have their own blogs. These guys have always had great things to say, and it's great that they now have their own forum in which to say it.

What this comes down to is an ability for each of them to enhance their personal branding. I hope to see more of the cool and smart people at nCircle start to differentiate themselves from the common voice - it's good for everyone when we know who they are. It's why I love seeing blogs like Tyler's - he's out there creating a blogging identity for himself separate from the company that he works at. It will serve him well in the next step of his career.

Great job, nCircle people... go check out their blog.

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