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Meeting Cool People

The best thing about conferences, as I have said, is meeting cool people. I was walking back into the Speed Geeking room after my previous post about Beansec, and I almost ran into a woman. I looked down at her name tag, and it said Anne.

Of course, from this post, I knew that Anne Zelenka from Anne 2.0 was going to be here, so I stopped her and asked. And, after that moment of awkward "not-really-a-celebrity-recognition" thing that most non-celebrities who get recognized by total strangers have, it turned out that it was Anne.

And, of course, I that uncomfortable post-introduction moment of "okay, now what do I say?" Even though I've become quite good at networking over the years, I still carry around some of that "high-school geek discomfort" that creeps up most often when I meet someone whose work I admire.

And I have to admit, Anne's one of my favorite bloggers - her post about her 2007 goals is one of the best posts I have read in the past little while. I happened to read it while I was coming up with my own 2007 goals, and it inspired some different thinking - her goals have a "realness" that I find all-too-often lacking in my own... while she's clearly trying to change the world, she's doing it while watching her son play the Canadian national anthem on trumpet. I often find my own sounding far too much like something Tony Robbins would write, and loved the humanity in what she wrote.

That post was my first exposure to her writing, and I have since really enjoyed her writing over at Web Worker Daily.

Anne's also covering Mashup Camp for GigaOM - check out her coverage here.

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