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Mashup Camp

For the next couple of days, I'm going to be hanging out in Boston at Mashup Camp. I imagine that I'll be blogging quite a bit from here over the next 48 hours.

Since we haven't started yet, this is going to be my "pre-conference small-talk" entry. (Because isn't that what you do at a conference full of people who you have yet to meet at 8 in the morning?)

The morning trip in to Boston was ridiculously cold - winter has finally arrived here on the East Coast. Even now, my feet are cold as I sit here waiting for us to get started. Have to say, I'm excited - there's much to learn here.

Okay, enough small talk: Check out the wiki if you're interested in seeing what's going on at Mashup, and check back here for my updates.

Oh, and check out the list of people blogging the camp at Technorati.

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