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Beansec 5 is tonight

I've been meaning to post about my experiences at the last Beansec event. I kept not getting to it, and now I'm taking a few minutes out of Speed Geeking to post about it, since I'm running out of time before tonight's event.

As I mentioned, I went to the December event. And I was completely surprised - it wasn't at all what one would normally expect from a user-group type event. If you are staying away because you're expecting yet another ISSA-type event, don't. I haven't had as much fun since I was sitting in a bar arguing about 0-days at Blackhat.

Actually, that's an apt comparison. Beansec is surprisingly like sitting at a bar in Vegas during Blackhat or Defcon. Because it's a group of incredibly smart security people, talking about the stuff that smart security people like to talk about. While drinking.

As I said in the subject, Beansec 5 is tonight in Boston (actually, one T stop from Mashup Camp... I'm quite excited not to be driving tonight so I can actually stay later than my 9PM departure last time).

If you have any interest at all in security, it's an event not to be missed. If not tonight, then the 3rd Wednesday of February.

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