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The Importance of Values

Anna over at The Engaging Brand has an interesting post on compromise:

"Compromise is defined as "settle a dispute by making a concession"

Look at that word settle - does it make you shiver, it does me! Why settle? This made me think how many times a day do you end up being a slave to time, to pressure, to workload and "compromise or settle for something that is not quite right but will do"

When it comes to building a brand - be it product, service or an employment brand I believe that values cannot be compromised otherwise you dilute the promise"

I completely agree with Anna, but I think that the point goes even beyond this: values aren't just something that can't be compromised when building a brand, what you value IS your brand.

This is especially true when it comes to building a personal brand: your values, to a large extent, are your personality. Jeffrey Gittomer described it best in the Little Black Book of Connections when talking about making connections while golfing:

"On the golf course everything is exposed. Your manners. Your ethics. Your knowledge of the game. And your personal habits. They'll never remember the score of the round, but they will always remember that you cheated on the third hole.

Whoever you present yourself as on the golf course -- is the image they have of you as the person they will be doing with afterwards -- or not."

This is true whether on the golf course or not - whatever you show that you value is how you present yourself as a brand. If you value money, your brand will be about money. If you value helping and connecting with people, that will be your brand. And if you don't value a brand, that will be your brand: nothing.

So, be aware of what you decide to value in your life. And become aware of what you currently value. Because those things are already communicating themselves out as part of your brand.

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