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Finding the Fortune

Over at his blog, Paul Allen talks about a recent talk that he attended on internet marketing. There are a few brilliant gems in that article, but this one was the most important, as I see it:

"Chris’s main point is that a very important part of internet marketing is capturing email addresses from customers so that you can follow up with them with useful information and offers. He kept saying, “the fortune is in the followup.”"

While this is true in internet marketing (and, while you're reading this, please enter your email address in the box on the right so that I can follow up with you), this is especially true when it comes to building a network and building a career. Keeping in touch with people and ensuring that you follow up with them when you need to is the way that you build strong connections throughout your network, and build a strong team of people around you.

This is one that I have struggled with throughout my career - follow-up is one of the simplest concepts in theory, but one of the most difficult in practice. But it's really one of the main keys to a long and successful career.

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