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Rothman Launches the Pragmatic CSO

So, over at Security Incite, Mike Rothman announced the launch of his new book, The Pragmatic CSO.

As one of the people who had an opportunity to read a pre-release copy, I have only one thing to say:

Buy it. You'll thank me for it.

Actually, I guess I have more to say than that. I've been doing security for over ten years, and this is the first time I have read a book about security that not only made sense, but actually gave some decent advice on how to do something about it. (sorry, Bruce)

From reading Mike's blog over the past year, I was pretty certain that the book was going to be good. But, having read it, it's far beyond good. I have been saying for the past couple of weeks to anybody who would listen that they should pick it up when it's available.

Well, it's available. Do yourself a favor: go here and buy it for yourself. And everyone in your security organization.

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