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As I have said a few times, blogging for me is largely an experiment in the power of language. I'm fascinated by the things that create blogging success or failure, and get traffic going. (And I'm buoyed by the $29.03 that Adsense has netted me... please click on the ads at the right, and sometime in 2007 I may be able to take Melina out for dinner.)

I was amused, then, when my co-worker John (who we will get to blog some day, I swear it) pointed me at this brilliant post about what it's like to be a blogger over at The Online Photographer. From the post:

"The blogger is walking alone down the street. Let's say—my street: tree-lined, with older houses, modestly generous yards, street lamps. It's April, and new leaves are on the trees. The new leaves have that peculiar delightful green color, delicate yet bright. Musing aloud, the blogger says to himself, "My, that's a beautiful green."

Immediately, three people pop up at one side of the street (the virtual world is like that), cooing approval of the blogger's opinion. "It certainly is," says Coloratoora; "Right you are," agrees BornOnTheFourth; "You've very perceptive," chimes in Xtalk, "I wouldn't have noticed that if you hadn't mentioned it.""

That's just the beginning of the post - it's definitely worth a read, because it's far too true.

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