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I missed posting about the cool JibberJobber updates...

So, I've been pretty slow over the holidays with blogging and podcasting. I spent much of the holiday on two tasks: the first was switching web-hosts for this site, and the second was writing the first draft of a book manuscript.

Now that both of those tasks are finished, I'm back to blogging and podcasting, so you can expect to see me catch up on some things.

The first of those is a bit of a JibberJobber update: over the holidays, Jason and the JJ team put up some really cool features that I wanted to blog about quickly.

In his first update, Jason gave out a Jibber Jobber Christmas present: the spreadsheet that he used originally for his own job search before he started JJ. And, having used JibberJobber for a while, and taking a look at this spreadsheet, I have only one thing to say to Jason:

Thank you for making JibberJobber so damn cool.

The next piece of news he posted was around the new Jibberjobber integration with Skype and LinkedIn. This was something I had been nagging Jason about for a while - I'm a huge fan of both JibberJobber and LinkedIn, and any time I used either I was wishing that they worked more closely together.

Well, now they do. I haven't played much with the integration yet, but I'm quite excited to spend some time checking it out. As you should if you haven't yet.

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