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The Million Dollar Challenge

Over the holidays, I committed to myself that I'd read 7 of the books that have been sitting on my book shelf awaiting my attention. One of those books was the One-Minute Millionaire. The book has an interesting separation - on the left hand pages, the book is a non-fiction manual to manifesting wealth. On the right side, it's a fictional story. The split is weird, but once I got used to it, the book had an impact.

It had an especially interesting challenge that I've been unable to stop thinking about. Paraphrasing the book:

Play along with me for a minute.

Suppose someone you genuinely cared about has been kidnapped and was being held for ransom. You'll never see them again, ever, unless you can earn a million dollars -- legally, ethically, and without borrowing or winning -- in the next year. If you do it, they'll release the person. If not, you'll never see them again.

Could you do it?

The more I think about it, the more the answer is yes - if I had to, I could figure it out. And I would imagine that, put in the same situation, we'd all find the same way. We'd pull together all of the smartest and most successful people we could find, and ask them the magic question:

"I have to make a million dollars in the next year, and you're someone who has done it. Can you show me how?"

And, because there was someone's life on the line, we'd listen to their advice and follow it. Because we would view it as a must - as the character in the book faced with this question says: "Well, what choice would I have? Who cares what the odds are? If someone's got my grand-daughter, I guess I'd just have to figure out a way, wouldn't I?"

So, my question... could you do it if it was your child or spouse or parent? And, if it's something that you could do if you had to, what keeps it from being something that you have to do right now?

What other goals (other than just making a million dollars) could you accomplish if you had to?

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