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The Best of 2006

Over at his blog, Adam asks for a favor - that we put up a list of our favorite posts from 2006. That's definitely a tough one to narrow down, because there are so many cool posts that I've seen in 2006, but I'll do my best to put up a quick list of the ones I haven't previously linked to here:

Jason Womack - Consistency and Change

Ryan Poppa (nCircle) - Are We There Yet?

Steve Pavlina - Purpose: Permanent Message, Temporary Medium

Thom Singer - Chief Networking Officer

Guerilla Job Hunter - The 12 Days of Christmas (Series)

Keith Ferrazzi - How to get "Buy In"

Andrew Storms (nCircle) - Thwarting Physical Santa Security

Tom Peters - A Tribute to Brand Yous

Linda Ferguson - Psyche, Cupid and the Rest of the World

There are a huge number of others, but those are just a few of my favorites from 2006.

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