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The Most Secure Yacht on the Planet

I love Google Alerts, because they're so wonderfully naive in their text searching that I get some of the most interesting reading that way.

From my "security vulnerability" alert today, I got one of the single best security stories I've seen in 2006. "Make Yacht Security an issue of Empowerment, not Fear" from Mega Yacht News Online (I had no idea that this even existed). And the article has some of the best presented (i.e. simplest) security advice I've seen in a while:

"Second, take proper measures. Once you have made a vulnerability assessment, you next must decide what level of security to implement.

There are several options: no security due to an assessment of little or no crime; individual protection (provided by a crew member trained in security) based on a concern of crime; or assisted protection from a professional agency either on your vessel or an escort vessel. The key to success here is to ensure that you properly integrate one of these options into your overall plan.

Third, be aware of your abilities. This is the most important of the three. The best countermeasure to security issues is to have a solid security plan and a well-rehearsed crew. However, if you do not have a well-rehearsed security plan, attempting to implement one at the last minute is more dangerous than you can imagine. Enthusiasm is no substitute for proper training and equipment."

You know, for all of the talk in the security blogosphere, security doesn't have to be so complex. It really can be as easy as the yacht community makes it.

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