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The Best Gift for Me

In the spirit of the holiday season, I got a brilliant gift from a friend recently. He sent me a parable that imparted some of his wisdom.

One of the best gifts that someone can give me is a new story, belief, piece of their knowledge or their wisdom. I'm always open to hearing new stories and new distinctions that can help me make my life better.

In the spirit of sharing, I'll share the story that my friend sent me:

"In one of the great court banquets, everyone was seated according to rank, waiting the entry of the King.

In came a plain, shabby man and took a seat above everyone else. His boldness angered the prime minister who ordered the newcomer to identify himself.

Was he a minister? No. More.

Was he the King? No. More.

"Are you then God?" asked the prime minister.

"I am above that also," replied the poor man.

"There is nothing beyond God," retorted the prime minister.

"That nothing," came the response, "Is me.""

I hope that everyone has a happy holiday. I'll probably be taking a couple of days off from serious blogging, and be back sometime before the New Year.

Until then, feel free to send me the gifts of your stories.

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