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Top 3 Counter-Intuitive Marketing Tips

While (as Mike Rothman points out) my job title has never formally had the word "marketing" in it, I've been a marketer for years - building a personal brand, a team that people want to be on, or a well-trafficed blog, or a small business are all jobs that have marketing in their job description. From that perspective, here's my Top 3 Counter-Intuitive Marketing Tips:

  1. Consistency is key - Rothman is right. Consistent effort and messaging is the key to having any success. And it's a slow growth effort - note that I never once said that marketing was a QUICK fix. Just that it's the fix.
    1'. Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds - Doing the same thing over and over again in the same way is guaranteed to reach some of the people some of the time. But pushing your message through multiple channels and in multiple different ways is the only way to really get through to a significant number of people out there.
  2. Pick a Position that You Want and Drive Towards It - one of the keys to success is to know how you want to be positioned, and to drive your efforts and messaging toward establishing that position.
    2' Positioning is developed only in relationship to your customers - Positioning requires that you interact with your customers. And, no matter what you want your position to be, their interaction with you will decide your true market position. If you build a Hyundai and sell a Hyundai, all the marketing in the world won't position you as a Ferrari.
  3. Marketing is a 100% Full-time All-Out Effort - you should be spending 100% of your time marketing. Whether your job is to deliver product, be the CEO, or the security administrator, you should be spending all of your time spreading your message and getting everyone clear on who you are and what you are delivering.
    3' Marketing is a One-Time Event - Marketing is simple: decide who you are and what needs that fills. Then, go make noise by doing that as well as possible and let everyone know about it while you're doing it. Spend no time on "marketing" and all of your time on being front-and-center as the best you that you can be.

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