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Is Your System Leaking?

As a big fan of David Allen and Merlin Mann, I'm always working to perfect my system of time and life management.

I often have people ask me: "How do you find time for everything that you do?" And my answer is always around the fanatical organization that I find myself chasing on a daily basis - I do my best to keep my system updated and always be willing to search for leaks in the system.

I read an excellent blog post on that exact topic recently: Christine Kane posts on how to chase down the leaks in your life, and outlines a step-by-step process for finding and fixing the leaks in your system. It basically comes down to sitting down, getting clear and collecting everything that there is that is somehow outside your life management system (whatever that system is). And then strategizing a way to attack the leaks.

Worth a read. And worth considering: where is your life management and energy system leaking?

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