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The Opposite of Analysis

After my recent post about creating Episteme to be "the Un-Analyst Firm", my wife pointed out to me that analysis has an opposite: synthesis.

The strange serendipity in the term is that both Linda Ferguson and Tim Keanini discussed synthetic intelligence with me in the teleseminars.

Beyond that in serendipity is that my frustration with the analyst community has been building for a while - I've had the opportunity to spend more and more time with analyst reports from different industries in the past few weeks, and I've become a little disillusioned with what I've seen from certain analysts and certain companies.

Really, I'd like to see a good deal more synthesis (taking ideas and putting them together in new ways) than analysis (taking ideas apart into their components). Immanuel Kant believed that all useful knowledge came from synthesis rather than analysis - from the understanding that patterns persist across domains and that the use of wisdom from one domain in another can create amazing results.

But, before that, I'd settle for seeing just a few more reports that are actually useful and present enough valuable research that provides basis for smart and effective decision-making and use. Rather than just broad-based reports that say things that people already know, I'd like to see reports that make people think new thoughts.

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