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A New Model for Coaching

My recent foray into the Learning Annex series has me thinking about a lot of things. But the one that comes up the most prominently this morning is around coaching.

When he was on stage, Tony Robbins had a bit of a rant about the lack of results-focus in life coaching. And that was really driven home to me while watching the Raymond Aaron talk. Raymond Aaron offered a "Monthly Mentorship" program, where he promised that you would see a massive increase in your income based on the work that he would do with you. (Which mostly seemed to focus on the idea that if you keep your desk and house clean, there will be "room for money to flow into your life". I can't help but doubt that one.)

But, for all of his boasting about results, his program had a cost that wasn't tied to results at all. In fact, you pay Raymond Aaron whether you get results or not.

I've been wondering if there's another model for coaching out there. Is there a model where coaches are incented to get results through the structure of their compensation?

Melina and I were talking about whether a model similar to that which recruiters and realtors use would work for coaching careers - take the person's salary at the time that you start working together, and get paid a small amount (e.g. $150/month), plus an incentive plan (e.g. 5% of any increase in income that happens after you start working together).

I know that there are a few coaches that read this blog - what do you think of this? Would it work? What are the upside and downside to the idea?

If you're not a coach, would you be more likely to use a coach if you knew that you'd only pay them if they got results?

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