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Real Estate Wealth Expo: Yet more sales

Melina leaned over to me at one point today and said in hushed tones: "It's clear that this world is full of gullible people."

We were overwhelmed while watching Raymond Aaron talk - this is a man who used every sales trick in the book to make the sale. And, while Melina and I were watching his man use each of these tricks, we both felt like we were watching a TV infomercial: Mr. Aaron has clearly studied the work of Ron Popeil closely.

But what was most amazing was the end of the talk: when he claimed the limitation on the "free cruise", people sprinted. Yes, SPRINTED to the back of the room to buy the product. At least 40% of the 200 people in the room purchased the product.

And Mr. Aaron gave this talk 7 times this weekend, it has been quite a lucrative weekend for Raymond Aaron (at almost $700 for his product, it'd be pretty conservative to think that he made at least a quarter million dollars this weekend).

The best part of the talk wasn't the information, but watching and becoming aware of the things that Raymond Aaron was doing to influence and create desire in the audience - it was like watching Ron Popeil up close and in person. Some of the great things that I noticed:
- Use of hypnotic language patterns: He used the artful repetition of key phrases in order to bypass the critical faculty. Much like a classically trained hypnotist would have. - Use of Audience Participation: He got the audience to shout "free cruise" over and over again (because there was a raffle for the cruise at the end). - The Free Prize Inside: Once we had been doing the free cruise chant for a while, he offered "everyone in the audience" a free cruise. He didn't originally tie it to the requirement that we buy the product, but he eventually did (once he got everybody hooked in to the idea of having a free cruise) - Making People Unique: Around the free cruise offer, he claimed that we were "the only group" that he did that to (because of how well we chanted "free cruise").

Each technique contributed to his ability to convert sales at the end. We were amazed at how well he did.

Suffice it to say, I was taking good notes.

(But note that I think that his product wasn't worth the capital - he was a great sales person, but I don't see a whole lot of value in what he claimed)

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