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Real Estate Wealth Expo: Buying on (and Lying about) eBay

The third talk that we went to on Sunday afternoon was called "eBay Riches", and the speaker's name was Duane Barney. More than anything beyond the Raymond Aaron talk before it, this one was a sales pitch. Unfortunately, unlike that Raymond Aaron talk, I didn't learn anything.

Except one thing: Duane Barney is either completely incompetent about eBay or he's a liar.

Harsh language, for sure, but I this is a verbatim quote from his talk: "When you give your credit card number to Paypal, they don't encrypt it."

I'm apparently not the only one who noticed this lack of integrity - this article talks about Duane Barney's difficulties with the BBB over the past few years.

As someone who is technical and has used eBay quite a bit as both a buyer and a seller, the content in his presentation ranged the gamut from completely amateurish to common knowledge, without any useful information. And the software that he's selling (for $599 plus a continued $15/month for web-hosting) could be reproduced for about $5/month with a decent web-hosting firm like Site5.

While my experience with the Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo has been generally a great one, this guy isn't even just a sales guy - he's a liar and a cheat. And anybody who paid the $600 for his product got taken.

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