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Real Estate Wealth Expo: Tony Robbins

You know, the main reason that I came to this event was to see Tony Robbins. I first read Tony's book "Awaken the Giant Within" when I was 16 and it was one of those life-changing moments - it was so far beyond the things I had been reading up to that point that I was completely blown away.

That was more than 13 years ago, and this was the first time I was ever getting to see Tony live. And, even with 13 years of expectation behind it, he didn't disappoint. I'd love to write here about all of the impressive things that he did and all of the distinctions that I enjoyed picking up during the talk, but I'd have carpal tunnel by the end. I took over a full page of notes (compared to about a 1/4 page for the next most impressive speaker so far).

I'm sure that I'll blog more on some of the impressive things that managed to either come out of Tony's mouth or that I got thinking about while listening, but, for now, here's a list of some of the interesting topics:

  • We grew up in a 20th Century school, but we live in a 21st century world.
  • Being a leader doesn't require followers - only that we know what we value and act on it regardless of the situation.
  • The 3 Mandates of Leadership: 1. See it as it is (but not worse) 2. Envision it better than it is. 3. Make it as you envision it.
  • Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.
  • Information without emotion is worthless.
  • The wall that protects you also imprisions you.
  • Thinking is the process of asking and answering questions.
  • The strongest force of the human will is the need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves.

Whether you love Tony or hate him, there's no question that he created the category that is now "life coaching". (Aside: he had a small rant about how that industry is far from what he thought it should be, because coaching should be based on the ability to create results, and most "life coaches" don't produce results).

As far as an evaluation, probably the best thing I can say to explain our thoughts on the Anthony Robbins talk is that we signed up to go to the Unleash the Power Within weekend in New York (which happens to fall on my birthday).

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