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Real Estate Wealth Expo: The Sales Pitches

The next two talks that we sat in on were both sales pitches - the first was a discussion of "asset protection" from Robert Bluhm and the second was a talk by Wayne Gray on purchasing tax lien certificates. In both cases, the products were packaged in incredible cases (both appeared to be real leather - Bluhm's product was in a wheeled briefcase.

And, for almost $2000 each (the "special deal" for the show), they'd better be in impressive cases.

While I can't speak to the quality of Bluhm's actual product, Melina and I did get a decent look at the tax lien product, and, for $1995, I really would have expected more. Each of the books was in incredible binders (leather covers), but the material was all readily available on the internet - one of the three binders contained only the list of addresses for the county clerk for each county in the USA. While a useful reference, if you're facile with Google for more than 10 minutes, you can replicate. The third binder in the system was a set of forms - about 10 in total, with the binder appearing more impressive because it is stuffed with about 100 copies of each form.

All in all, for $2000, I'd expect more value. Especially when there are books like this one out there

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