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So, back when I was at nCircle, one of the things that we used to do was to blog the conferences we'd go to. I'm going to keep that trend up here, although it won't be strictly about security (as I have a tendency to visit odd and different conferences).

This weekend will be the first of those - Melina and I are going to be spending the weekend at the Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo in Boston. While I'm not particularly big into real-estate, it's an incredibly interesting lineup of speakers. Where else would I get to see Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, and Robert & Kim Kiyosaki all speaking in the same spot?

So, look for the blog posts over the weekend - I'm going to try to update the blog often with my observations on the conference.

And if you happen to be going, drop me an email and we can grab a beer.

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