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Teleseminar - Scott Blake on "Being a CISO"

The fourth episode of the Episteme IT/InfoSec Career Portfolio Teleseminar & Podcast Series will feature my good friend and former colleague Scott Blake of security research company Echelon One.

This episode is going to be all about getting to the top echelon (no pun intended) of the information security world: the ins and outs of the world of a Chief Information Security Officer. Scott is the former CISO of Liberty Mutual Insurance, where he was incredibly successful in building a security program based on a real understanding of risk and business-driven security. Before that, Scott and I share a similar background - he build one of the earliest security research teams at Bindview. That team (RAZOR, for those who don't remember) was one of the most prolific out there, and its former members are some of the most brilliant security researchers around.

Scott is one of the best security executives I have had the pleasure of meeting in my career - he's smart, intuitive about the security industry, and he understands what the business needs of the enterprise are when it comes to security. He also understands the way to build a security career from the bottom up - he can give a lot of insight into what CISOs want, what they're like, how they think, and how to become one.

The teleseminar is going to take place at 1PM PST/4PM EST on Thursday, December 12th. Send an email to episteme_tele@aweber.com to sign up for the Mailing List and the call-in info.

If you have questions that you would like to see Lee and I discuss on the call, please leave them in the comments below.

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