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Teleseminar - Lee Kushner on "Getting Hired, Getting Promoted and Building a Career"

After tomorrow's teleseminar with TK, the next upcoming episode of the Episteme IT/InfoSec Career Portfolio Teleseminar & Podcast Series will feature my good friend and InfoSec recruiting guru Lee Kushner, president of LJ Kushner & Associates.

As an example of how to build brilliant networks, Lee and I first met in an elevator at BlackHat a couple of years ago - we'll probably tell the story on the call, because it's such an interesting piece of serendipity. And, since then, Lee has been one of the first people I talk to when making a career move - he's one of the most astute observers of the trends going on in information security, and he really understands the way that sustainable and successful careers are built in this industry.

Because of that brilliant insight and the amount of time he spends with people who are building their careers, he really has a great understanding of the beliefs, knowledge and wisdom that make an information security pro a success, whether early in their career or as a security executive. And we'll talk about all of those things on the call.

The teleseminar is going to take place at 1PM PST/4PM EST on Tuesday, December 5th. Send an email to episteme-tele@aweber.com to sign up for the Mailing List and the call-in info.

If you have questions that you would like to see Lee and I discuss on the call, please leave them in the comments below.

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