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The Sounds of Words

I was listening to WUMB as I was driving the other day, and they were playing an amazing in-studio performance by Antje Duvekot. Between songs, the interviewer was asking her about her amazing ability to make the melody of the songs fit so incredibly with the words of the songs. And she said something that struck me as amazing (which I'll paraphrase here):

"I have a really hard time with melody. I find words much easier. But I've noticed that I pay a lot of attention to the rhythms of the words. I'm one of the few people I see who notices the sounds of words and how they affect the rhythm. I learned that from listening to Woodie Guthrie..."

As is so often the case in my life, this was completely serendipitous wiith a conversation that I had been having the day before with Linda in preparation for our teleseminar later today (click here to send email and sign up now).

We were talking about the importance of rhythm in conversation, and I had a striking realization - when I am doing hypnosis, telling a story or speaking to an audience, people usually are paying attention to the words that I'm using. But when I'm most in the zone, I'm actually not - I became aware that I often choose the content of the story by choosing the words that fit the rhythm of the story most appropriately.

The strangest thing about this is that it's how most great singers and storytellers tell stories - if you listen closely, you can realize that the rhythm of their words is in sync with the rhythm of the music or the story itself. And that's one of the things that distinguishes great stories and great songs from the mediocre ones - that synchronization.

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